Augmented Reality for Water Utilities Management

ARGIS is an Augmented Reality service that supports workforces in the complete life-cycle of water utilities management.

Augmented Reality for
Water Utilities Management

Water utilities companies maintain vast networks of underground infrastructure. This infrastructure is difficult to access, and coexist with other utilities (gas, electricity, telecommunications).
Additionally, the inability of utility workers to directly see buried assets, occasionally leads to excavation damages. 

For decades, water management companies have been relying on 2D maps to find pipes, mains, and manhole covers. Time, energy, and money were spent searching for the right files in the office and the right pipelines in the ground.

The Solution

  • ARGIS is an Augmented Reality service that supports workforces in the complete life-cycle of water utilities management, revolutionizing planning, operation, maintenance, on-site GIS updates and decision-making.
  • ARGIS enables utility workers, using a low-cost tablet or smartphone, to see the underground infrastructure with overlaid information (e.g., lines of water pipes underground).
  • With ARGIS is possible to update the infrastructure data on-site, including adding new digital geo-referenced assets, dematerializing processes and significantly contribute to an improved day-to-day productivity of utility field forces.


  • Time savings: average 20 hours per month for active users.
  • Quality assurance: 60-80% less time required for asset location and validation.
  • Sub-dm accuracy thanks to Galileo GNSS plus IMU advanced algorithms.
  • On-site correction of obsolete GIS data and record-correction submission.
  • Trace mode: field technicians can click on a supply pipe hologram and easily identify which valves control that specific pipe segment in the real-world.
  • Advanced collaboration: Integrated holograms, video, and audio that connect the office with field teams.
  • Offline mode: No need of permanent cellular connectivity (e.g., 3G/4G) for basic features.  
  • Data security: All data exchanged between the device and customer’s services are encrypted and protected by the customer’s VPN.
  • 5G ready: When available ARGIS takes advantage of 5G low latency and enhanced bandwidth for a better user experience. 
  • Bring your own device (BYOD): Customers can benefit from already existing, and compatible, devices (e.g., tablets and smartphones).
  • Increased safety: Considerably decrease the risk of infrastructure damage accidents in excavation works.
  • Bottom-up design: created by the water industry to the water industry.
  • One better excavation a year covers the ARGIS subscription cost!

High Geolocation Accuracy

ARGIS uses an advanced hybrid location algorithm that combines the positioning information obtained via the built-in GNSS Galileo receiver with image processing and IMU (inertial measurement unit) computation, which enables sub-meter location accuracy without professional GNSS hardware, even indoors.

If higher precision is required, the positioning precision can be enhanced to sub-dm by connecting an external GNSS Galileo RTK (Real Time Kinematic) receiver to the AR capable device.


Client device

- Any Android device (tablet, smartphone) supporting Augmented Reality (running Android 10.0 or later);
- Any iOS or iPadOS device with iOS 11 and an A9 processor or later;
- Microsoft HoloLens (all versions) mixed reality glasses.

GIS Server technology

- Hexagon;
- Esri;
- GeoServer or any other OGC compliant GIS technology.

Web Services

- Any webservice compliant with SOAP or REST APIs. 


DEMO | Real Use Case Deployment with AdRA

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ARGIS contributes to improve productivity, dematerialize processes, effectively adopting a green friendly approach, as well as to achieve worker satisfaction.” See more

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ARGIS Pricing

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Initial deployment price

Includes configuration of non-GIS services (e.g., webservices for application customization) and one year of licenses for an unlimited number of AR devices (tablets, smartphones, or smart glasses), together with training and technical support.

Annual license per device after the first year

Includes access to support services and to new versions of the application as they are released. Volume discounts available.

Hardware pricing

ARGIS runs in a 400€ tablet device.Contact us for the list of devices supported.

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